Dove Class – Pre-School

We are kinkajou class we are a mix of 3 and 4 year olds and Mrs Dargie is our Teacher. We have Keyworkers to help us play and learn these are Janet, Derryn and Aleisha. We are all learning about each other and are making new friendships all the time.

We love to explore the different activities our grown-ups set up for us. We are very creative-making models from construction is brilliant fun and using Playdough to shape and create monsters has been excellent. We also like to paint and cut and stick to make beautiful pictures to take home.

Playing with small world toys helps develop our imagination and makes us good story tellers.

Sand play is a favourite with most of the children; we spend ages scooping sand, filling containers and building models.

Some of us in the nursery are water babies and love to play in the water all the time! We like to explore our senses with lots of different activities. We love the gloop!