Explorers: 2-3 Year Olds

We understand that choosing the right care for your precious toddler is an extremely important decision. Children join the Explorer group at 2 years (or the term after for funded children) and will be welcomed in to the big room. From the first time you visit we will work with you to ensure that you and your child are comfortable in our surroundings and you are given as much information as possible to help you make an informed decision. We want you to feel proud of your child care choice. Each child has an allocated Key person to support their induction. The experienced and caring staff in this room are Misha, Derryn, Aleisha and Teresa.

Every child is different and therefore you will meet the team to discuss the routine, activities and your insights into your child’s needs at this important stage of their development. With this information we are then able to tailor your toddler’s introduction to best suit both your needs.

During their day at nursery, your child will have the opportunity to play in the garden, be creative and take part in music and movement sessions. They will have free access to the sand and water trays that are filled with a variety of malleable and liquid mediums to help develop physical and sensory skills. There is also a choice of games, puzzles and construction equipment. The book corner is filled with a wide variety of books which children can look at by themselves as well as being read to in small groups. The children are encouraged to consider others by sharing and turn taking.

We have a ‘free flow’ environment where children are encouraged to make choices about the activities they would like to take part in. This could be dressing up in the Home Corner, painting, baking, and taking part in a planned activity, to activities that can be enjoyed whatever the weather in our outdoor play area.

If your child still needs to have a sleep after lunch, when we ensure the room is softly lit and gentle music played to aid restful sleep and a much needed recharging of batteries!! This is an important stage where children are quickly developing their independence. Potty training can begin at any time and is always planned in close consultation with parents as mutual co-operation and consistency are so important. We will discuss the routine and strategies needed to support your child and keep you informed of progress. By working together we are sure of a successful and stress free outcome! Physical activity and fresh air are extremely important for all of us, but we are extremely passionate about engendering a love of exercise and fresh air from the earliest age.